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Los Angeles HCG Doctors Locator®, the largest directory of HCG diet doctors in Los Angeles California, helps women and men find qualified HCG doctors and begin their own personalized HCG medical weight loss programs. These HCG weight loss specialists offer Human Chorionic Gonadotropin injections, also called HCG shots, as part of a personalized diet program to help patients achieve the best possible weight-loss results through a physician-supervised HCG weight loss program.

Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D.

Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D., Inc

2001 South Barrington Ave, Suite 208

Los Angeles, California 90025

800-775-5201 Ext. 207

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Joseph Sciabbarrasi, M.D., Inc

Dr. Joseph Sciabbarrasi’s integrative and holistic practice combines both conventional and alternative approaches to optimal health. His exceptional training and practice arises from 30 years of practicing cutting edge medicine. Dr. Sciabbarrasi is as comfortable in designing a program for healing and weight loss as he is discussing medical issues with colleagues in cardiology, internal medicine or oncology. Dr. Sciabbarrassi feels that everyone deserves to be healthy and happy. Being overweight is a major health problem that goes way beyond just wanting to look good. The HCG Diet has become a leader in the weight loss industry and has helped millions of people achieve their weight loss and health goals. The HCG diet was pioneered in the1950′s and has gained steady momentum ever since. Since the year 2000, the HCG Diet has skyrocketed in popularity. HCG weight loss has been publicized on hundreds of TV shows including Dr. Oz, Fox News, NBC, Oprah, and CBS. It is also mentioned in Kevin Trudeau’s best selling book, “The Weight Loss Cure” which has sold hundreds of thousands of copies.

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Dr. Kenneth Kafka M.D. – Ojai

Kenneth Kafka, M.D.

204A Pirie Road

Ojai, California 93023

800-775-5201 Ext. 224

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Dr. Kenneth Kafka M.D., Ojai HCG Diet Doctor

My medical practice has evolved over many years. I combine a wide variety of natural healing approaches with my traditional medical training. After a detailed whole person oriented medical history and physical exam, I utilize a full array of laboratory testing to determine what kinds of imbalances you might have, and then design a healing or longevity program with you. As an internist and an anti-aging physician, I deal with common medical problems as well as complex ones. Symptoms involving digestion, metabolism, cardiovascular health, allergies, lack of vitality, moodiness, cognitive changes, insomnia, menopause, sexual health, thyroid imbalances, adrenal dysfunction and weight gain are the type of problems I most commonly see. Over this past decade, I have investigated weight loss issues as the obesity epidemic has grown so quickly. I am extremely happy about a Weight Reduction Program I have formulated utilizing Dr. Simeon’s approach using HCG, with the addition of a mind-body component. This program has had an enormous impact on the health of many of my patients and has been very fulfilling for me.

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Dr. Kenneth Kafka M.D.

Kenneth Kafka, M.D.

955 Carrillo Drive, Suite 210

Los Angeles, California 90048

800-775-5201 Ext. 213

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Dr. Kenneth Kafka M.D.

Over this past decade, I have investigated weight loss issues as the obesity epidemic has grown so quickly. I am extremely happy about a Weight Reduction Program I have formulated utilizing Dr. Simeon’s approach using HCG, with the addition of a mind-body component. I came upon the HCG program in early 2007 quite by accident. I read the material and was quite skeptical that it would work because I thought the original theories were too simplistic. In the summer of 2007 it started to hit the media as the new secret “it” diet. At the insistence of several of my patients who had been struggling with obesity most of their lives, I reluctantly agreed to give it a try as long as I could supervise them very closely. I started a weekly support group to monitor their progress and as the saying goes, I haven’t looked back. This program is extraordinary in every way and I have been using it successfully in my practice ever since. This program has had an enormous impact on the health of many of my patients and has been very fulfilling for me.

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Alija Medical

Alija Medical

13470 Telegraph Road

Whittier, California 90605

800-775-5201 Ext. 339

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Alija Ali, D.O. – Alija Medical

Whittier HCG Diet Doctor, Alija Ali, D.O., is an Aesthetic Specialist and Functional Medicine Doctor that provides cutting-edge therapies to his patients. He offers specialized programs and services in Medical Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, and Aesthetics. Dr. Ali has seen the incredible transformations of his patients using his HCG Diet protocols. He and his highly-trained staff customize their Medical Weight Loss HCG programs for each patient based on age, amount of weight loss desired, and length of treatment. Patients will be able to lose up to 1/2 – 1 pound daily, and train their metabolism and eating habits to keep the weight off. Every diet plan is tailored to meet each person’s individual needs and to support their long-term health. The programs do not include arbitrary restrictions and no one-size-fits-all diets, rest assured that Dr. Ali will find the plan that best suits your objectives.
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Los Angeles HCG Doctors for Medical Weight Loss

Los Angeles HCG Doctors Locator® features a large selection of qualified Los Angeles HCG doctors. These medical weight loss specialists can provide HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) injections as part of a personally tailored HCG diet program. Because all HCG diet doctors are different and HCG diets are personalized for every patient, you may wish to consult several HCG clinics to find a doctor that best meets your specific needs.

When you contact our HCG diet doctors, you’ll speak with medical diet specialists about your weight loss goals and overall health. Positive doctor-patient relationships are essential to any medical weight loss plan, so you should take the time to find the HCG doctor that works best for you.

What is the HCG Diet Protocol?

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, better known as HCG, is a hormone that is naturally produced in women’s bodies during pregnancy. During pregnancy, HCG ensures that the fetus receives the nutrients and calories it needs for healthy development, even if a mother is malnourished. Thanks to incredible scientific breakthroughs, men and women can now utilize HCG injections in conjunction with a low-calorie diet for incredible weight-loss results. Because of the way that HCG preserves lean tissue and produces energy, HCG injections have become a popular dietary supplement in a weight-loss regimen known as the HCG Diet Protocol.

What Can HCG Do for Me?

A qualified HCG doctor can evaluate your weight loss goals and needs to create a personally tailored program that combines a protein-rich, low-calorie diet with daily HCG shots for incredible weight loss results. An HCG diet, supervised by a qualified medical specialist is a safe way to lose weight quickly and keep it off permanently. Many low-calorie diets fail because in addition to burning fat, dieters also lose lean muscle tissue. The HCG diet is unique in that low-caloric intake encourages rapid weight loss, while the HCG hormone preserves lean muscle tissue and prevents hunger. This means that patients lose weight fast without losing muscle tissue.

If you have been diagnosed as clinically obese and need to lose a significant amount of weight or if you are just looking to lose that extra 15-20 pounds, Los Angeles HCG medical weight loss specialists can customize an HCG diet plan for your body’s needs and your weight loss goals that will provide optimal results and leave you looking and feeling great. Speak with the Los Angeles HCG diet doctors on our directory to learn more about whether a diet supplemented by human chorionic gonadotropin is right for you.

HCG for Men: While human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) is a hormone that is largely produced in women’s bodies, it is still perfectly safe for most men to take as part of an HCG weight loss program. Men who lose weight with HCG typically also experience more energy, increased testosterone, improved lean muscle tissue and greater libido.

HCG for Women: Many women who are interested in fast and permanent weight loss, better moods, more energy, greater hormone regulation and improved confidence may find that an HCG diet protocol can provide just what they have been searching for. Under the guidance of HCG Diet Doctors, women are experiencing incredible weight loss and improving their overall well-being with HCG shots.

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Every patient is unique, and an experienced Los Angeles HCG doctor can help create an HCG weight loss plan that fits your needs and works with your own body’s chemistry. Speak with several Los Angeles weight loss doctors to find an HCG medical weight loss specialist who can create the perfect weight-loss program just for you. Contact our Los Angeles HCG Doctors and discover whether a physician-supervised medical weight loss plan using HCG injections is right for you!